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December 2009

On the Home Front

The Group is getting busier and busier so we have to make some changes. To begin with, you’ll find using our new Contact us details will make getting in touch with us much quicker.
In October, the Group was saddened by the resignation of Ann, one of our longer serving members. We thank her most warmly for her invaluable contribution to the work of the group during her time with us and wish her well in the future.
On a happier note, the training course for our next three candidates at the Centre for Accessible Environments has been brought forward. This means that by the end of January 2010 we will have a total of six accredited assessors. There’ll be no stopping us then!

Listed Buildings

To put it mildly, we are frequently puzzled as to why an entrance step to an otherwise accessible building should become an insurmountable problem - just because the building is ‘Listed’. In October, one of our assessors was able to advise Solutions Inc., of South Street, Chichester, of a straightforward way of solving this problem.


A good example of what can be done on a permanent basis is shown below at the entrance to the Chichester Cathedral Cloisters Cafe, and you can’t get more ‘Listed’ than that, can you?
com_ IMG_6084

The Group is happy to see the new layout at the entrance of the Parklands shop and Post Office in Chichester, on which we have commented before, to give more room to access the shop. All we need now is a ramp so we can get in - and for the other shops in the row to follow their lead.

At Your Convenience

Real progress is being made after the circulation of our letter about the review of the current building regulations concerning accessible toilets. Our name has now been heard in the corridors of power!
Our MP, Andrew Tyrie, brought our campaign to the attention of Lord Mackenzie of Luton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government. Mr. Tyrie sent us a copy of the letter he had received from Lord Mackenzie in which he was assured that we will have the opportunity to comment on the relevant sections during the evaluation of the regulations next year.
We’re not counting our chickens yet, though. If it is decided to hold a public enquiry after the evaluation we’ll have another chance to comment - in 2012. It’s a good job that the Group has always accepted that we could not expect quick results.