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October 2012

The Novium

The group is pleased to welcome the long awaited opening of the Novium, our new Chichester District Museum. The £6.9 million building is one of the biggest projects the Council has undertaken.
The Chichester Access Group is proud to have been involved at various stages of the building program. Our access advisors formed a good working relationship with the Museum management team and worked very closely with them. We are pleased with the way “Access for All” has been incorporated into the museum. It is a first class facility, which will enhance our understanding of our roman background, and the many historic buildings and monuments in the area.

There are over 150,000 items housed in the museum, some of them like the Jupiter Stone, the Chilgrove Mosaic and part of the sunken roman baths are real crowd pullers.  Some other items, with the enormous amount of information given,are perhaps best viewed quietly and digested, from the panoramic viewing point overlooking the rooftops of the City.

The Museum is fully accessible to all levels and has an accessible W/C.  There is either fixed or portable seating available in all galleries. The Chichester Access Group looks forward to continuing its co-operation with the new Museum, to ensure the facilities remain fully accessible to all.


John Lewis

The Chichester Access group welcomes the new John Lewis store, to the Portfield Way Estate in Chichester. We are very pleased with the positive impact the store has made on the area.

We would like to congratulate the store for having the foresight to provide extensive accessible parking, at the side of the building, something that has been lacking with other outlets and, some of whom, have improved their disabled parking bays as a consequence.



We have noted that full access consideration has been given throughout the store and an accessible toilet is provided together with ample toilet facilities for all customers.

We wish the John Lewis Partnership a long and successful stay in Chichester.