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July 2012

Chichester City Wall Project

In 2008 the City Wall Partnership started an extensive refurbishment and renovation programme. This was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Chichester District Council. This became The City Wall Project.

The Chichester Access Group was very pleased to be asked to work as Consultants for the project.   We consulted on the refurbishment plans and our recommendations for the top priority items were duly noted.  We were also involved in the layout and the accessibility of Bishop’s Garden.

Craftsmen with special skills from all over Britain worked on the project for 3 years. In late autumn 2011 the wall was finally restored and a special celebration was organised so that everybody could see the extensive work that was undertaken by the project. Unfortunately due to very inclement weather conditions these celebrations had to be postponed until the beginning of April, in the hope that the weather would have improved!

The organisers created a festival of entertainment for all age groups. There was a light show explaining the history of the wall. There was also a lantern procession with lanterns made by schoolchildren. The park and the wall was lit up and showed the impressive wall and the beautiful Bishop’s Garden.

The Chichester Access Group is very pleased with the work The City Wall Project has achieved, as this has made the wall much more accessible for disabled people. © CAG 2012